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Lost 2012 Footage

For most of 2012, I had a little Contour camera on me at all times. And now, hours of footage just sit inside my computer. It’s the plague of technologically advanced home movies I guess. They just sit. Although, it’s not that much different than the stacks of VHS tapes at my parents. Well anywho, here is some of the lost footage from the dusty ol’ laptop. May it live on at least for 15 seconds.

I Broke a World Record (with 1599 other gingers)


It’s true. My sister and I added to the largest group of natural born redheads ever assembled in one area. Now, we are waiting on the exact head count, or should I say…redhead count. *chortle chortle* But it seems like today in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland, we made our way into the Guinness Book of World Records for most gingers loitering in one spot. I have to say, I am ginger proud, but it was rather alarming being with so many pale looking people as the sun beat down on our virgin scalps. There were a few moments where we thought that someone was playing an evil trick, to wipe out a large portion of the remaining redhead race. However, we made it through, with only minor sunburn.

Going through some serious ginger checkpoints, all participants had to sign some waivers, wear a white t-shirt, and bring a photo of his/her redheaded self as a child. Ya know, to prove authentic carrot top genes. What a sight. Redheads of all ages, holding up childhood photos of themselves, proudly stating that they’ve been this way fo’ life. For the first time ever, I had a very hard time finding my sister in the crowd after being separated. Now I know how those regular old brunettes feel everyday.

The Redhead Event was not just a stop on the American Oddity tour, it also worked to raise money and awareness for skin cancer, which redheads are undeniably more susceptible too. As my sister currently battles with melanoma, I was very excited to know that so many smiling faces joined in on the day to raise funds for such a great cause. No matter how pale, or tan you may be, sunscreen really can save your life. Lather up, and enjoy the sun like the rest of us day walkers!

So, all in all, pretty solid day. Broke a world record, made some bystanders feel uncomfortable, and shared a very strange moment of glory with my sister. Thanks for the Kodak moment Portland. You continue to impress me with your bizarre events.


See the full recap from Oregon Live here —> http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2013/08/a_guinness_record_1600_redhead.html

Oh right, I write.

Some days, I forget that I liked writing before I was forced to. Funny how that happens. You dream of writing, and then great, you do that. You are a writing machine. Banging out blogs, press releases, articles. Then it keeps going. Sterile emails, passive aggressive work memos, Facebook posts, tweets…wait a minute. Those things aren’t writing. No one publishes tweets and slaps a Pullitzer on the cover. No one discusses the deep meanings behind a lengthy 2am Facebook rant. Or do they? Oh no! Next up on the English 101 syllabus, The Subtexts of Your Texts: Pitfalls and tips for proper message sending.

We’re all fucked.

I rode a segway. No really.


I recently took a trip to the Windy City to visit my boyfriend and the Evergreen Skateparks crew while they finish up a new project in Villa Park, IL. About 40 minutes away from the western suburb sits Chicago in all its glory. Deep dish pizza, mega hot dogs (no ketchup of course), and urban/midwest characters fill the streets. A new addition to the city in the last 5 years, which really gets people irked, is the segway. Arguably the nerdiest and most ridiculous form of transportation available, the segway offers tourists a way to see Chicago minus all that terrible walking and exercise. The rider of this device will endure heckling, laughter, and general hatred for what he/she is doing to America. Most importantly, being seen on one of these space scooters is the least cool thing someone can do. Ever. So naturally, I took a segway tour of the downtown area.


It all happened so fast. One minute we were strolling through the Art Institute feeling distinguished, and the next we were bleeding red white and blue getting American on Segways. In all honesty, I had stupid amounts of fun. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Not to mention, with the over sized orange bike helmet sitting back on my head like a true segway gaper, I looked damn good. After a quick lesson on pitfalls and dangers of the machine, we were touring the city like champs. We were soon taken off training mode, hitting top speeds of 12mph. Yea, I know, we were cruising. People laughed and pointed, and had genuine looks of disgust, but none of it mattered because I was segwaying my fucking heart out.

I say this to you now as an experienced segway operator; if you are ever faced with a spontaneous opportunity to throw caution to the wind and take a segway tour…do it. If you are too concerned with your cool image being tarnished, well get over it. Your perma grin will last for hours and your Instragram likes will reach record levels. With a little whiskey in your veins, your segway under foot, and your lover at your side, the entire world is yours for the taking. Ride on everyone, ride on.




I made a book.

I made a book. You can look at it.


I love Oregon. I really do. The heaps of snow, the giant Jurassic looking plant life, the unbelievable hues of fluorescent greens. It’s unreal. However, Oregon winter stole the sun from me last year. What I didn’t even realize is that it also deprived me of painted clouds, starry nights, and pink skies. I forgot about those things. Each and every day in Vermont, I have a love affair with the sky. Look up, it’s good.


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