Last night, thanks to Pipeline PDX, Lisa and I got to see Brian Posehn for free! We did our usual 45 minute drive into Portland, did a little filming, and then laughed until 2am. Brian Posehn, or a bag of farts inside a human costume as he likes to call himself, was hysterical.

We geeked out pretty damn hard. We clapped and clapped and enjoyed the show, even though we were squished at a teeny table with these two awkward gentlemen. It was a blind double date that none of us signed up for. We headed off to the Matador for some late night happy hour. Now, Lisa and I are pretty inspirational, so obviously Brian Posehn followed us to the bar. We bought him a shot of his choosing, Crown Royal to be exact, and pretended we were ballers and could afford to do things like that. We can’t.

So, to sum up.

Brian Posehn + Portland + fart jokes + two redheads = amazing Saturday