So…I lose and regain motivation to draw about once a week. Right now, there is a lack of it. I do really love my notebook though. It was a clearance find from Borders. Ya know that bizarre stationary section, with stickers and overpriced photo albums? Yep, that’s where I got it. I wanted it to be full by now. It ain’t. I also have a half full collection of little notebooks I carry around with me. I think I like each of them too much, like they have their own personalities or something. So I switch from notebook to notebook pretty frequently. I need to commit and finish one. I think my brown notebook is the first though, it deserves to be filled. Here are some recent sketches from the bargain bin find book.


















I have to go out into the world to seek out some much needed motivation. Trapped in the woods should inspire me, but it does the opposite. I guess being stuck in the middle of the forest is more for poets than painters.