So, as I listen to Ellie Goulding on repeat these days (really excited to dance with you April 13th at the Doug Fir by the way) I find myself searching for something to inspire me. Filming and making little edits has definitely been on my list, and of course laughing at Charlie Sheen and buying into that hype is great. But when it comes to drawing and the “Fine Arts” kinda game, I am at a loss!

Finally, on a random stop into the Sandy, OR Goodwill, I found some inspiration. Tucked in the back next to the Christian reading section, there was this weird shelf of weird books. Oh man, I was stoked. I had to stop myself from buying all of them. I walked away with 3 great purchases and a gift for my roommate Lisa (she is now the proud owner of Portlandia, a book of poems). I am really jazzed about collaging. I think it could be my new thing for a little while. We will just have to wait and see…

Tomorrow is St Pattys Day, and you know what that means…people love me because they think I’m a genuine redheaded Irish Catholic girl. However, I am a Russian Jew, which if you didn’t know is like, the opposite. Shhh. They won’t buy me Irish car bombs if they find out. Three cheers for all things green, drunk, and Irish!