Blog, I am sorry. I have neglected you. These past few weeks have been nonstop. After two back to back Spring Sessions, I hit the road for work with Windells and my interneting took a large hit. It was pretty nice to take a break from my all-day-every-day computer staring contest. But now, I’m back! Back in Oregon, back at camp, and back to my daily routine.

USASA Nationals hit Copper this past week and the grom fest was nothing short of entertaining. Who knew dancing and partying with 12 yr olds could be so fun? The camp sickness caught up to me, damn those germy kids, and I was a useless mess for most of my time in Colorado. I fought it off as best I could, but when kids live off of soda and Sour Patch Kids for weeks at a time, I swear they create superhuman viruses. No one stands a chance.

One thing I came to find out in Colorado was that I never should have moved to lower elevations. I barely had the stamina to walk up stairs at 9,000ft, let alone sneeze. I looked like a coke fiend. I took a single breathe and bam, bloody nose. I am such a weak human.

Thanks Colorado for the adventure. It is always a fun week when Windells is involved. In the meantime, I gotta start eating spinach and lifting weights, doing reps or something. People do reps right?