Welp, my phone is down for the count. I am not one of those “I dropped my phone in the toilet at the bar again,” kind of girls. Because let me tell you, they exist. I have amazing phone karma. I go years without ever getting a scratch on these technological devices. But oh no, not yesterday. As I scrambled to grab all of the grocery bags, my purse, and the last bites of my awesome burrito (who wants to take two trips to and from your car, come on) my phone slipped out of my pocket and fell into a puddle. And there it sat, for 3 hours, wondering why I left it there. Sorry phone. You did a great job.

After a long, useless trip to AT&T where they did nothing but frustrate me, I gave up. Now, I am using my phone from 2005. It might as well be a land line. I can’t even see who is calling before I answer. So, from this day forward, I am screening my calls. If you call me, allow for 2-3 minutes until I flip open the phone, look at the missed call, and then call you back….or not. Oh technology. I hate you.