It’s May 12th? Huh..well, how did that happen? The weeks have been flying by. Suddenly I have 10 days left in Cabin 17. Today, I am looking at another little cottage in the woods for my first summer in Mt. Hood. I am really excited. A) I get to move off campus. B) The sun is shining more and more. A few more weeks and we may see the sun multiple times in one week, woo!

Lisa and I have been sending it lately. Snowboarding more than we have all season, which is sad we know. We live the life of an old married couple, trying to break out of the old folks home. And when we do get the chance to escape, man do we have fun. I hate to bring you the news, but Lisa and I will be split up when these 10 days are over. It’s gonna be stupidest. Splitting up two redheads after they have formed a ginger bond is just unfair. And it has happened to me too many times. 45 minutes will separate us, for 3 months, and then who knows what is next for the Vehicular Webisodes. Maybe we will have to hop over the pond for season 2. Only time will tell.

The weeks keep blurring by. I am trying to hold on. Let the countdown to turning 23 and the summer of sun begin.