Need some reading material? You’re in luck! Not only do I blog for myself, but I also blog it up for Windells. Today I was looking through my articles and I have racked up quite the list of entries. Working here in the woods has had its ups and downs (the downs mostly included heavy amounts of rain and vitamin DĀ deficiencies). The ups are great though. I am really excited to continue blogging and writing. It’s like an exercise. I have to force myself to go for a run, draw in my notebook, and write up an entry. But when I do actually follow through with these exercises, I am pretty proud of the outcome.

Being lazy is unfair to my 20s. I gotta pack these years solid with activities. I need some kind of mantra as my alarm clock. “Being lazy is stupid, shut up and go outside in the rain.” Or I can stick to the golden oldies station as my wake up call, either way, great ways to start the day. Happy blogging everyone. Check out my Windells articles below.

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