I have been leaving my site alone for some time now. Turns out people have been doing some google searches to find other things, and found Some Ginger. These are my favorite search terms that redirected the internet world to me:

  • mc hammer pants 2011
  • how to wear mc hammer pants
  • milk fun
  • how bowling scores work
  • ginger and redhead quotes
  • friends from denver
  • stribclubs (yes, that is spelled incorrectly)

Summer came and went, along with my sanity. It was amazing though. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe a little more sleep would have been nice.

I also left my camera at home to collect dust this summer, which was stupid of me. There were tons of photo worthy moments that I will have to try and hold on to with my noggin. One roll of film came out of the few crazed months. Thanks to the Holga 135, my last in-between was documented for those days to come when I want to walk down memory lane. Thanks Holga, you’re a great lady.