So…I came back from vacation. If I can give you any advice, it will be this: don’t return from vacation. On my wonderful two week time-out from real life, I traveled to Tahoe, Idaho, and Colorado. Each spot was better than the next. Here are some quick trip highlights:

  • People watching at the GSR in Reno as the Burners took over the town
  • Skipping stones across Lake Tahoe
  • Sharing two mile-high beers with Bart, a recently robbed-Canadian-Harley Davidson enthusiast
  • Buying a travel watercolor set and painting in the sun in Idaho
  • Sitting in hot springs at 11pm watching the moon rise with strangers
  • Watching Jasper and the Dreamland crew skate their new park in Hailey on opening day
  • A twelve hour road trip to Colorado with great tapes and a great companion
  • Visiting my friends in a place I can still consider home


Post vacation living. That’s where I’m at. I was stuck on my couch for a good solid week. Lamenting in the rain. Pitying my lackluster life. Just generally being a piece of crap and feeling bad for myself. And then 8 days after my return home, I realized it was time to unpack. So here I am, unpacked. I am ready for an amazing October rebirth. Last year, Lisa Dougherty helped me have the best month of 2010, and I plan on repeating that as 2011 comes to a close. Already on the agenda: Portland Rome Premier, Skate Like a Girl in Seattle, Downtown Throwdown Rail Jam, Chromeo concert, Zombie Walk, and potentially…Halloween in Vegas. It’s gonna be great. I have no doubt about that.

My new advice, which I so wisely realized by the end of this post: live every day like you’re on vacation.