I am the new Snow Reporter for Stratton this winter along with a very awesome and lovely young lady named Meryl. People consider us “local celebrities,” which is just plain funny. The two of us are internet, media, and weather gurus for the mountain. We are basically your local meteorologists that have to snowboard and ski every day for work. Tough life I know. However, this won’t be so awesome on -20 degree days with boiler plate conditions, because either way, I’m telling people it’s fantastic and worth the cost of a lift ticket. This winter, my glass is perpetually half full.

My typical day goes as such:

5:30: Get to the office before the sun does.
5:30-7:30: Update all necessary reports, distribute weather and mountain information to all media outlets.
7:30-8:30: Shuffle around the Village and the base area to distribute said reports.
8:30-9:30: Snowboard whilst filming people, places, and things.
9:30-11:00: Edit and upload daily video.
11:00-1:30: Work on Marketing Dept. related tasks, update more reports, inhale a lunch at some point.
1:30-2:00: Attend PM Operations meeting.
2:00-3:30: Update even more reports, draft messages and articles for next day.
3:30: Drive home with half opened eyes (See, half opened, not half closed).
4:00-8:30: Be a blob and catch up on freelance work.
8:30: Go to bed as soon as my face hits a pillow.

So yea, that is my life.  I wish it would actually snow, but hey, what can ya do. This weird, early bird lifestyle I live actually kinda suits me. I do have some issues, such as tasseled hats and skin tight jackets that I do not wear, but no one has scolded me yet for breach of uniform. The way I see it, if this company wants me promoting a healthy image of East Coast snowboarding, they will better themselves by not putting in me those terrible outfits. Right? Right. I can only be so cheesy, and I think I have reached my monthly limit of cheese (as seen below).

The year is coming to an end pretty darn quick and I am happy to be back on the right coast to ring in 2012. Ya know what, I am just happy in general these days. Vermont is really great. I watch the sunrise and sunset every day, and most importantly, I actually see the sun multiple times a week! The moon, the stars, all of it! Having been deprived of it for an entire winter last year, I find myself staring at the sky a whole bunch. If you haven’t done it lately, look up. It’s good. In the meantime, you know where to find me.