Yes, I understand that the iPhone is in fact a phone, but I think it makes a better camera. I am absolutely obsessed with it’s creative powers. I do one thing: Instagram. This world of internet polaroids is mind blowing to me. Any photo becomes instantly cooler with a couple taps. From someone who cursed the universe and hated her life while learning Photoshop, I don’t know whether to be happy or mad that this one application can make a crappy photo of a dirty sidewalk look like a Time Magazine cover shot in 2.8 seconds. It’s a toss up, that’s for sure. I find myself constantly thinking in terms of composition and structure. Ya know, like what they taught me in school and junk. I no longer haphazardly take a picture for the sake of taking a picture (well, before the bewitching hours of course). I would like to share some of my amazingly effortless photos taken with this so called “phone.”

















I don’t see this obsession ending anytime soon. Thanks Instagram.