St Patty’s Day is over. Dang. It sure was a fun one. After a rocky start and a quest for corned beef and cabbage, Lisa and I tore up the town. Some may say we “beat the beat up,” and they are correct. This morning was a struggle, but hey. It was worth it.  I have never freestyled so much in my life. Great rapping, great friends, Grade A holiday adventure. Webisode soon to come.

Goodwill books + Redheads

So, as I listen to Ellie Goulding on repeat these days (really excited to dance with you April 13th at the Doug Fir by the way) I find myself searching for something to inspire me. Filming and making little edits has definitely been on my list, and of course laughing at Charlie Sheen and buying into that hype is great. But when it comes to drawing and the “Fine Arts” kinda game, I am at a loss!

Finally, on a random stop into the Sandy, OR Goodwill, I found some inspiration. Tucked in the back next to the Christian reading section, there was this weird shelf of weird books. Oh man, I was stoked. I had to stop myself from buying all of them. I walked away with 3 great purchases and a gift for my roommate Lisa (she is now the proud owner of Portlandia, a book of poems). I am really jazzed about collaging. I think it could be my new thing for a little while. We will just have to wait and see…

Tomorrow is St Pattys Day, and you know what that means…people love me because they think I’m a genuine redheaded Irish Catholic girl. However, I am a Russian Jew, which if you didn’t know is like, the opposite. Shhh. They won’t buy me Irish car bombs if they find out. Three cheers for all things green, drunk, and Irish!

Oh man…2nd round.

Turns out My 75 character response as to why I wanted to be Charlie Sheen’s intern was good enough for the 2nd round. 75 characters is all you were allowed, not words, characters. It was quite the challenge to come up with a Charlee Sheen worthy sentence. Over 74,000 people applied. So naturally, I became curious and had to join in on the fun. I really want to know how many were invited to continue on. What did I say to get to the second round you ask? Well, the obvious response of course…

“I am a talented redhead with Tiger Blood in my veins and my eye on the win.”

An Afternoon Hike

After checking my Google news ticker every 4 minutes today in the office, I needed to separate myself from my computer. The sun was shining outside, no, really. I thought it was a mirage, but instead it was just spring saying “what’s up” to all of us depressed Oregonians. I grabbed my camera after work and hit the trails behind the Windells property.

Today was my first exploration of the soggy muddy paths. It was awesome. My borrowed companion, Betty, is the best friend a girl can have. She ran laps around me as I huffed and puffed up the trail. I felt like a total Colorado hippy as I stared at all the moss and poisonous looking mushrooms. It really looks like a dinosaur will walk by at any moment in the woods here. The sun was hitting the mist that is always present in the Oregon air, and I have to say, it was beautiful. Me and my gal Betty enjoyed our afternoon together, and I plan to have many more of these days.

I made a little edit about my trip with Betty. I think it’s pretty silly, but I have been having so much fun filming and editing lately. I find myself drawing less and carrying my camera a lot more. I have to push myself to do both though because despite popular belief, being productive actually feels great.

Sims Wins

I am in awe of Charlie Sheen. He has successfully reached millions of people with his wise words. The man is a car accident, I can’t look away. Here’s a snowboard design for Sims twitter contest. I laughed the whole time I made it.


My Brown Notebook

So…I lose and regain motivation to draw about once a week. Right now, there is a lack of it. I do really love my notebook though. It was a clearance find from Borders. Ya know that bizarre stationary section, with stickers and overpriced photo albums? Yep, that’s where I got it. I wanted it to be full by now. It ain’t. I also have a half full collection of little notebooks I carry around with me. I think I like each of them too much, like they have their own personalities or something. So I switch from notebook to notebook pretty frequently. I need to commit and finish one. I think my brown notebook is the first though, it deserves to be filled. Here are some recent sketches from the bargain bin find book.


















I have to go out into the world to seek out some much needed motivation. Trapped in the woods should inspire me, but it does the opposite. I guess being stuck in the middle of the forest is more for poets than painters.


Are you aching? Cause the whole nation is, I don’t know if you got the memo. My amazing friends are aching. I am aching. I mean, just come on, you know you are. Peep it, share it, support it. YOU WON’T.

Mammoth: The Strangest Mountain Ever

This weekend I got to adventure to Mammoth Lakes, CA on a little turbo prop plane. Man, Mammoth is a trip. The people watching is top notch. I soaked up the sun, sat at my little tent, yelled through my megaphone, and had a blast. A storm is rolling in so the bright blue skies are finally gone, but don’t worry, I made sure to get some sunburn while I had the chance.

The Video: Whistler Rewind

I had so much fun making this edit. Thanks to all the ladies for providing Grade A material. You are all Hollywood starlets.

You Win Whistler…You Win

We did it. We made it. We all managed to crawl out of bed this morning, some of us defeated, others feeling like champs. The hype about Whistler is real and  I want to party here every weekend. Our 11 lady journey was a tale for movies. One last night in Whistler: sending it.