Episode 1.4 “Barbara”

Dance time.

Cell Phones. Stupid.

Welp, my phone is down for the count. I am not one of those “I dropped my phone in the toilet at the bar again,” kind of girls. Because let me tell you, they exist. I have amazing phone karma. I go years without ever getting a scratch on these technological devices. But oh no, not yesterday. As I scrambled to grab all of the grocery bags, my purse, and the last bites of my awesome burrito (who wants to take two trips to and from your car, come on) my phone slipped out of my pocket and fell into a puddle. And there it sat, for 3 hours, wondering why I left it there. Sorry phone. You did a great job.

After a long, useless trip to AT&T where they did nothing but frustrate me, I gave up. Now, I am using my phone from 2005. It might as well be a land line. I can’t even see who is calling before I answer. So, from this day forward, I am screening my calls. If you call me, allow for 2-3 minutes until I flip open the phone, look at the missed call, and then call you back….or not. Oh technology. I hate you.

The Tigerblood Journey Ends

Charlie, I am sorry we never got to meet. However, this adventure has been so entertaining. Every Tigerblood submission made me laugh and genuinely fear the possibility of working for that crazy man. I am a little relieved that I am not preparing for Round 4. I don’t think I am cut out to be an employee of Charlie Sheen. I give my sincerest congratulations to the intern that makes it out alive. Thanks to all my supporters who followed along during this ridiculous business venture. And Charlie, if you have any goddess openings, just let me know. Your team is short a redhead.

Hammer Time

I bought the most amazing pants at H&M yesterday. I am sitting in them right now, debating on whether or not I can actually wear them into public. I know the answer is no, but I want it to be yes. Someday…

Life on the Road

Blog, I am sorry. I have neglected you. These past few weeks have been nonstop. After two back to back Spring Sessions, I hit the road for work with Windells and my interneting took a large hit. It was pretty nice to take a break from my all-day-every-day computer staring contest. But now, I’m back! Back in Oregon, back at camp, and back to my daily routine.

USASA Nationals hit Copper this past week and the grom fest was nothing short of entertaining. Who knew dancing and partying with 12 yr olds could be so fun? The camp sickness caught up to me, damn those germy kids, and I was a useless mess for most of my time in Colorado. I fought it off as best I could, but when kids live off of soda and Sour Patch Kids for weeks at a time, I swear they create superhuman viruses. No one stands a chance.

One thing I came to find out in Colorado was that I never should have moved to lower elevations. I barely had the stamina to walk up stairs at 9,000ft, let alone sneeze. I looked like a coke fiend. I took a single breathe and bam, bloody nose. I am such a weak human.

Thanks Colorado for the adventure. It is always a fun week when Windells is involved. In the meantime, I gotta start eating spinach and lifting weights, doing reps or something. People do reps right?

A Turkey

Last night, I bowled a 175. It is without a doubt the highest score I have ever achieved. We took the Spring Session #2 campers to Mt. Hood Lanes in Gresham. My job at Windells is making me a great athlete. I even bowled a turkey, yea, uhuh. For all those non-bowlers out there, that’s 3 strikes in a row. I have to say, I was more proud of my score last night than graduating from a university. Is that sad? Hmm. Well, suck it higher education. In Gresham, bowling a 175 means you are at the top of the food chain. Check me out.

Fun with Milk and Soap


Oh man. I can’t tell you enough how awesome milk + soap + food coloring can be. Thanks to a great Stumbleupon find, Shay and I had some trippy hippy fun in the snack shed today. Try it! You won’t!

The Day of 3 Concerts

Yesterday was the best day ever. Windells Spring Session #1 came to a close so I headed into Portland for a quick minute of vacation. After an airport run at 6am to drop off some campers, I started the day with an intense indoor soccer session. I got worked, but soccer is my saving grace lately. I ditched the work out clothes and quickly jumped into hours of music. I went to three concerts, two of which were free. I spent $5 on live music yesterday, ridiculous. Thanks to 94.7, I caught a free showing of Foster the People at Mississippi Studies. Then I jetted over to Music Millennium Record Store for a free concert with Zion I and The Grouch. Yea, I know. I had a great day. Sushi, good beer, and delicious pies were thrown in the mix before I ended my evening with a set by Mnemonic Sounds at The Someday Lounge. Portland killed it yesterday. Ya know what, I killed it yesterday. Spring Session #2 starts today, and then before the week is out I am headed to Colorado for USASA Nationals. Yowza. This ginger is on the move and there ain’t’ no stoppin it.

Round 3


Uh oh. This is gettin’ pretty serious. Do I accept the challenge? Mmm, yea. The next round involves a video interview. I have to create a video no longer than 2 minutes long answering one of these 3 questions:

  1. If you were the Social Media Director for a major humanitarian aid organization, how would you create awareness and raise money via social media in the aftermath of a global disaster?
  2. In your opinion, what is the best company using social media today and why?
  3. How would you advise a candidate running for public office to leverage social media in his or her campaign for election?

Serious right? No questions about tiger blood or trolls or warlocks? Well, fine. The deadline is Friday. I gotta put my thinking cap on for this one.

Ginger Films



Aaah another ginger webisode. Drink it in.