I rode a segway. No really.


I recently took a trip to the Windy City to visit my boyfriend and the Evergreen Skateparks crew while they finish up a new project in Villa Park, IL. About 40 minutes away from the western suburb sits Chicago in all its glory. Deep dish pizza, mega hot dogs (no ketchup of course), and urban/midwest characters fill the streets. A new addition to the city in the last 5 years, which really gets people irked, is the segway. Arguably the nerdiest and most ridiculous form of transportation available, the segway offers tourists a way to see Chicago minus all that terrible walking and exercise. The rider of this device will endure heckling, laughter, and general hatred for what he/she is doing to America. Most importantly, being seen on one of these space scooters is the least cool thing someone can do. Ever. So naturally, I took a segway tour of the downtown area.


It all happened so fast. One minute we were strolling through the Art Institute feeling distinguished, and the next we were bleeding red white and blue getting American on Segways. In all honesty, I had stupid amounts of fun. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Not to mention, with the over sized orange bike helmet sitting back on my head like a true segway gaper, I looked damn good. After a quick lesson on pitfalls and dangers of the machine, we were touring the city like champs. We were soon taken off training mode, hitting top speeds of 12mph. Yea, I know, we were cruising. People laughed and pointed, and had genuine looks of disgust, but none of it mattered because I was segwaying my fucking heart out.

I say this to you now as an experienced segway operator; if you are ever faced with a spontaneous opportunity to throw caution to the wind and take a segway tour…do it. If you are too concerned with your cool image being tarnished, well get over it. Your perma grin will last for hours and your Instragram likes will reach record levels. With a little whiskey in your veins, your segway under foot, and your lover at your side, the entire world is yours for the taking. Ride on everyone, ride on.




I made a book.

I made a book. You can look at it.


I love Oregon. I really do. The heaps of snow, the giant Jurassic looking plant life, the unbelievable hues of fluorescent greens. It’s unreal. However, Oregon winter stole the sun from me last year. What I didn’t even realize is that it also deprived me of painted clouds, starry nights, and pink skies. I forgot about those things. Each and every day in Vermont, I have a love affair with the sky. Look up, it’s good.

Instagram Obsessed

Yes, I understand that the iPhone is in fact a phone, but I think it makes a better camera. I am absolutely obsessed with it’s creative powers. I do one thing: Instagram. This world of internet polaroids is mind blowing to me. Any photo becomes instantly cooler with a couple taps. From someone who cursed the universe and hated her life while learning Photoshop, I don’t know whether to be happy or mad that this one application can make a crappy photo of a dirty sidewalk look like a Time Magazine cover shot in 2.8 seconds. It’s a toss up, that’s for sure. I find myself constantly thinking in terms of composition and structure. Ya know, like what they taught me in school and junk. I no longer haphazardly take a picture for the sake of taking a picture (well, before the bewitching hours of course). I would like to share some of my amazingly effortless photos taken with this so called “phone.”

















I don’t see this obsession ending anytime soon. Thanks Instagram.

Ya Been Seen Me

I am the new Snow Reporter for Stratton this winter along with a very awesome and lovely young lady named Meryl. People consider us “local celebrities,” which is just plain funny. The two of us are internet, media, and weather gurus for the mountain. We are basically your local meteorologists that have to snowboard and ski every day for work. Tough life I know. However, this won’t be so awesome on -20 degree days with boiler plate conditions, because either way, I’m telling people it’s fantastic and worth the cost of a lift ticket. This winter, my glass is perpetually half full.

My typical day goes as such:

5:30: Get to the office before the sun does.
5:30-7:30: Update all necessary reports, distribute weather and mountain information to all media outlets.
7:30-8:30: Shuffle around the Village and the base area to distribute said reports.
8:30-9:30: Snowboard whilst filming people, places, and things.
9:30-11:00: Edit and upload daily video.
11:00-1:30: Work on Marketing Dept. related tasks, update more reports, inhale a lunch at some point.
1:30-2:00: Attend PM Operations meeting.
2:00-3:30: Update even more reports, draft messages and articles for next day.
3:30: Drive home with half opened eyes (See, half opened, not half closed).
4:00-8:30: Be a blob and catch up on freelance work.
8:30: Go to bed as soon as my face hits a pillow.

So yea, that is my life.  I wish it would actually snow, but hey, what can ya do. This weird, early bird lifestyle I live actually kinda suits me. I do have some issues, such as tasseled hats and skin tight jackets that I do not wear, but no one has scolded me yet for breach of uniform. The way I see it, if this company wants me promoting a healthy image of East Coast snowboarding, they will better themselves by not putting in me those terrible outfits. Right? Right. I can only be so cheesy, and I think I have reached my monthly limit of cheese (as seen below).

The year is coming to an end pretty darn quick and I am happy to be back on the right coast to ring in 2012. Ya know what, I am just happy in general these days. Vermont is really great. I watch the sunrise and sunset every day, and most importantly, I actually see the sun multiple times a week! The moon, the stars, all of it! Having been deprived of it for an entire winter last year, I find myself staring at the sky a whole bunch. If you haven’t done it lately, look up. It’s good. In the meantime, you know where to find me.

New Home. New Notebook. New Story.

Last August, when I left the land of red cups, dubstep, and 2pm wake up calls, I started a new notebook to chronicle my stories of the Pacific Northwest. It took me almost exactly 12 months to fill the pages of that little journal. I just finally put it’s tattered cover to rest. Oregon gave me an amazing amount of inspired doodles and noteworthy adventures. Now, with a new place to call home, I start another notebook.

There is something about a blank journal that intimidates me. It’s too nice. In a way, you don’t want to mess it up with all of your crap. It’s like a smiley face pancake. It looks too good, but then you realize your hunger. So you eat the mouth made of strawberry slices and devour the whip cream hair. Same concept…kind of. What I’m getting at is, at some point, you have to just start writing.

So with my empty notebook at my side, I said goodbye to Mt. Hood, drove a quick 50 hours, and ended up in Vermont. I have a new home, a new job, and a new zest for life. I’m feeling very zesty. (Yea sure, that’s a word.) I don’t know exactly what’s in store for me this winter, but I am ok with that. Actually, I love it. As the days fly by and the pages of my notebook begin to fill, I will happily accept all the adventures that come my way. Happiness folks, it’s the name of the game.

Post Vacation Living

So…I came back from vacation. If I can give you any advice, it will be this: don’t return from vacation. On my wonderful two week time-out from real life, I traveled to Tahoe, Idaho, and Colorado. Each spot was better than the next. Here are some quick trip highlights:

  • People watching at the GSR in Reno as the Burners took over the town
  • Skipping stones across Lake Tahoe
  • Sharing two mile-high beers with Bart, a recently robbed-Canadian-Harley Davidson enthusiast
  • Buying a travel watercolor set and painting in the sun in Idaho
  • Sitting in hot springs at 11pm watching the moon rise with strangers
  • Watching Jasper and the Dreamland crew skate their new park in Hailey on opening day
  • A twelve hour road trip to Colorado with great tapes and a great companion
  • Visiting my friends in a place I can still consider home


Post vacation living. That’s where I’m at. I was stuck on my couch for a good solid week. Lamenting in the rain. Pitying my lackluster life. Just generally being a piece of crap and feeling bad for myself. And then 8 days after my return home, I realized it was time to unpack. So here I am, unpacked. I am ready for an amazing October rebirth. Last year, Lisa Dougherty helped me have the best month of 2010, and I plan on repeating that as 2011 comes to a close. Already on the agenda: Portland Rome Premier, Skate Like a Girl in Seattle, Downtown Throwdown Rail Jam, Chromeo concert, Zombie Walk, and potentially…Halloween in Vegas. It’s gonna be great. I have no doubt about that.

My new advice, which I so wisely realized by the end of this post: live every day like you’re on vacation.